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Description: MAIN TRACK The main motocross track is approximately 2 miles long with elevation changes of over 100 feet. This track is quite technical, with virtually every type of obstacle you can imagine. It is hard pack, with some loamy corners. The signature obstacle is the "Water Tower Jump", which is a 100+ foot high hill with a jump trajectory of over 100 feet. It also has several uphill step-ups, plus some very fast downhill sections. SAND TRACK This is an all-sand track that will give you a great work-out. It will also give you the practice you need to ride the many sand tracks in Florida OUTBACK TRACK This track is an intermediate track that is all tabletops and small elevation changes. It seems to be the crowd favorite and has been design to accommodate vintage and novice riders, including mini bike riders. It is still a challenging and fun track that gives riders a chance to hone their skills before venturing out on the main track. PEE WEE TRACK The hard pack track was specially designed for our beginning 50cc riders. It is challenging, but safe, and provides the young riders with a variety of obstacles. Located next to the bleachers, this track is spectator friendly. If you've got a little one just starting out, or a "mini hot shoe", this is the track for you FREE STYLE This section of facility is designed to accommodate the free style riders.

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