Fox Shox Float X Evol and Podium X Review, Part 1

CLICK HERE for our complete test video!Fox Racing Shocks have become one of, if not the most popular, shock manufacturer in ATV racing since releasing their revolutionary Float X Evol air shocks back in 2005. Many factors have contributed to their success. To start, Fox has won the most coveted motocross title every year since hitting the market with the Evol in 05, splitting championships between the ATVA and WPSA series. They also have a number of wins and championships under their belt in the GNCC series, most notably with Suzuki-backed Chris Borich. In 2010, alone, they won 10 major pro ATV Titles. 

Along with winning on the track, Fox has become a winner in the pits. They operate a large trackside support program offering setup assistance for free at the ATVA, Worcs, and every other GNCC event. Should your shocks need service after a race or before the season starts, make sure you send them in for servicing before the next event as trackside support is there for setup, not for general maintenance. 

Fox Float X Evol Generation 1

Maintenance and Upgrades 

Proper routine maintenance will keep your shocks working like new for years. Fox runs seasonal events like their “Shocks Need Love, Too” campaign, providing special offers to encourage you to get your shock serviced. Generation one shock owners who send in their shocks for rebuild can get the generation 2 low friction seal and shock graphic kit installed at no extra charge. Generation 1 Evol owners can also have their shocks upgraded from single to dual rate compression adjustment for a very reasonable $240. 

Compared to standard coil spring shocks, Fox’s Floats have several advantages. First, by utilizing pressured air chambers instead of springs, they are nearly infinitely adjustable. Secondly, they are extremely light, saving you several pounds per front shock. 

The Technical Stuff 

The Float X Evols feature two separate air chambers–– the main air chamber controls spring rate and ride height, while the Evol chamber controls body roll and bottoming resistance. Damping is handled by a conventional piston and shim stick design. These latest generation Evols feature externally adjustable high and low speed compression along with rebound damping. 

Fox Float X Evol Generation 2

On the latest model, Fox updated the appearance; worked to reduce stiction through the use of low friction seals; improved the bearings; revised the guard design; modified the air sleeve body cap to a single piece forging; and altered internal features to provide an overall, more robust design. All of this was done in an effort to make the shocks perform even better and last longer.  Fox includes a purpose built air pump with the Evols, featuring two pressure gauges built in, one for the Evol chamber and one for the main chamber, which measures in closer increments. 

While the performance of the Podium X rear shock is often overlooked, it, too, won all of those motocross and cross-country championships. The Podium X features a more conventional coil-over design with threaded spring preload taking care of setting the ride height. A piston and shim stack controls the shocks’ damping, which can be tuned by external high and low speed compression, plus rebound adjusters. 

Fox Podium X rear shock.

For 2010, the championship winning PODIUM X coil shock gets an all-new aluminum body, to improve suspension consistency and performance through superior heat dissipation, and saving weight in the process. Fox reduced friction with a new DLC coated shaft; added Teflon® lined spherical bearings; changed to piggyback body caps on some models; all to give the PODIUM X better performance and enhance reliability. 

Our Podium X was equipped with a remote reservoir. Instead of attaching the reservoir to the machine with cumbersome rubber spacers and hose clamps, Fox supplies you with a trick aluminum mounting bracket which attaches to the sub frame where the rear grab bar bolts up. 

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  1. Ryan Shock says:

    They really do make amazing shocks noticed a huge difference when Evol Generation 2 on my YZ 450. You can just tell the quality that fox puts into each shock by how clean and safe the packaging is.

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