Sport ATV Suspension Revalve Buyer’s Guide

Manufacturer: Hygear


Options Available: Sport Package (starting at $699) Pro Package (starting at $1299)

Unlike most other suspension tuning companies, Hygear is married to the art of suspension tuning. They don’t even offer their own line of aftermarket shocks. Hygear offers their Sport and Pro Packages, providing two different levels of performance and affordability. Both are set up specifically for your weight, riding style, and machine setup.

For a minimal investment, the Sport package addresses the essentials of customizing your shocks with their Twisted Spring Kit and custom internal valuing.

Their more feature-packed Pro Package starts with their Twisted Spring Kit. Hygear then replaces the stock valve stack with their Pressure Balance Valve, which is said to increase adjustability. On models with only high-speed compression adjustment, Hygear installs their Hylo Valve, which adds separate high and low-speed compression damping. Extended Bladder Caps are installed on the end of the reservoirs increasing nitrogen capacity for greater cooling and the shock bodies are hard anodized both inside and out for reduced friction and contamination of the oil.

Manufacturer: GT Thunder


Options Available: GT Thunder Revalve Kit, $740

GT Thunder can build you a set of HLS shocks like these, or revalve your stock shocks for less.

GT Thunder claims credit for beginning the revalve revolution on front shocks in late 2003 with the YFZ450 and began revalving rear shocks back in 1991. They do revalves for all applications including motocross, cross country, desert and dune riding.

All of their front shocks feature custom valving, and “true” dual rate springs for peak performance. GT Thunder also performs their Travel Extension Mod (when applicable), which is good for an additional 1.5 inches of suspension travel.

Their rear shock conversion includes revalve and respring, and works in conjunction with GT Thunder’s patented rear linkage. This combination is said to provide you with optimum travel and performance.

GT Thunder can further enhance the performance of their revalved suspension by switching to their high flow shock piston for $175 per shock. The high flow pistons provide a broader damping range, which provides a plusher ride while still maintaining good bottoming resistance.

Team Media Allstar’s/ Morehead Motorsports rider, Devin Stenftenagel, won the Open C class in the ATVA National Championship last year aboard his Yamaha YFZ450R with a set of GT Thunder revalved suspension he was testing for us. Against racers with $3500 worth of suspension and A-arms, Devin’s championship results speak for themselves.

Manufacturer: PEP


Options Available: PEP Conversion, (starting at) $800

PEP Performed a conversion on our Honda Project 400EX which performed great, as did the PEP Limited Mass fronts.

PEP has been one of the biggest names in ATV racing suspension at the national level for years. According to Mark Baldwin of Baldwin Motorsports, right-hand man or PEP founder, Wayne Maridian,  “We should be doing a lot more revalves than we are, but we never market it.”  In case you weren’t aware, you can have your rebuildable shocks setup with different springs and valving using the same mathematical calculations PEP uses in their full aftermarket shocks. The end result is said to be nearly as good as a full aftermarket shock at a fraction of the price.

PEP modifies the stock shock piston for better flow, then installs PEP spec valving and spring rates based on your weight, machine setup, and riding style. Front shocks are either equipped with a dual or triple rate spring setup depending on the length of your shocks, and they offer travel extension kits for certain models.

In the past, we have had PEP perform a  rear shock conversion for our 400EX project with excellent results.

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