Sport ATV Suspension Revalve Buyer’s Guide

Manufacturer: Noleen J6


Options Available: Noleen Race Setup $755

Noleen J6 owner, Clarke Jones, asserts, “A majority of our customers who purchase our Race Setup are recreational riders and local racers who want the most for their money.” Clarke compares Noleen’s shocks to stock, using the good old one to ten scale He rated stock shocks a four; stock shocks with Noleen’s Race Setup a 7.5; with their J6 aftermarket shocks setting the benchmark at 10.

With their Race Setup, Noleen revalves and resprings your stock suspension for your weight, machine setup, and riding style. The front shocks are given a true dual rate spring setup providing good progression.

Noleen also offers travel extension kits for certain models and high flow piston kits for front shocks for an additional $100. You can purchase their high flow piston separately for $150, which includes a custom valve stack. Noleen also offers shock body anodizing which cuts back on shock oil contaminants.

Noleen’s Race Setup brought a new level of plushness to the suspension of CT Racing’s Project Kawasaki KFX 450R, which we tested a while back.

Manufacturer: Works Performance


Options Available: Heart Transplant and Spring Kit,  (Starting at) $795

Works Performance has been building and servicing ATV suspension since the late 80’s. According to Works Performance’s Ned Owens, “About half the stock shocks we modify these days are from customers who have purchased extended length, standard travel aftermarket A-arms. They often purchase these arms because their stock shocks are the proper length to work with them. Stock suspension doesn’t have the proper spring rates and valving to deal with the extra leverage produced by wider A-arms. We offer spring kits and Heart Transplants to outfit a customer’s shocks for stock or aftermarket length A-arms and swing-arms.

Upon receiving your shocks, Works tears them down for inspection. They then go to work performing their Heart Transplant and install the appropriate spring kit, using triple rate springs up front. Works Performance’s Heart Transplant replaces the stock piston and valve stack with their check valve and ball piston system. According to Works, their damping system provides greater damping tune-ability for various impact speeds. Their piston is said to eliminate any interaction between the compression and rebound damping, allowing them to be tuned totally independently. They finish off the rebuild with fresh shock oil and a nitrogen recharge.

Works will also sell their performance parts in stages, allowing you to purchase spring kits and heart transplants separately, which, in turn, you can install yourself or send to them.

Works not only has setups for the latest machines to hit the market, they have a lot of experience with older machines with rebuild-able rear shocks.

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