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Yamaha Racers Thomas Brown and Chad Wienen Discuss the upcoming National Series

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Thomas Brown and Chad Wienen Discuss Preparations for Season Opener

Chad Wienen led in points prior to getting injured last season. His teaming with Thomas Brown for 2012 gives Yamaha their best chance at a title in years.


Inside the 2011 Media Allstars VIDEO

Monday, November 28th, 2011

CLICK FOR VIDEO, Inside Team Media Allstars 2011

Established in 2004, Team Media Allstars is arguably the longest standing ATV Racing Team in existence.  Over the years big name riders have been active members of the team, riders such as Jeremiah Jones, Josh Upperman, Mark Kendall, and Angela Butler.  Even X-games gold medalist Caleb Moore got his career started with Team Media Allstars.  Over the years the team has been able to bring in some of the industries leading companies as sponsors.  In 2005 they became one of the first Teams to land a major outside the industry sponsor in Kellogg’s, and had a factory appearance which included a rig from Title sponsor FMF that same season.  Team founder and avid ATV racer Jorge Cuartas does his absolute best to help amateur racers chase after their dreams by providing them with sponsors, products and as much press as he can muster.  They have managed to repay him and the team over the years with numerous Championships.

Fast-forward to 2011 and this year’s version of Team Media Allstars consisted of close to 20 riders.  Even with the rich history of the team the 2011 squad managed to turn heads as much or more than they ever have before, winning 4 National Championships and taking home 8 Regional North/South Championships while competing in the ATVA MX National Championship Series will do that.  Just recently Team Media Allstars was named 2011 ATVA MX Team of the Year at the year end awards banquet. was fortunate enough to catch up with 7 members of the 2011 Allstar Team to find out more about their amazing season, their personal goals and what being a member of a team like this is all about.